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Running a church is a full time job and many do with part time help or no help at all. Design is essential in marketing and promotion. From flyers to social media graphics to banners and email marketing, it’s a weekly job. We’ve done the math on what it costs to hire an outsider designer per project. Let’s say for instance that a flyer costs $75 and you don’t just need a few for the month but you also need social media graphics for daily encouragement, social media scheduling for Facebook and Instagram (social media management), plus you’re going to need some banners and postcards designed. Let’s not forget that you just don’t want to have social media but you also want to grow your reach so there’s money needed for promotions and marketing strategy. By the time we get done, we’re pushing into a minimum of $2,00-$3,000.

What if we told you that you could have a dedicated designer for just $1,500 a month? In our package, we keep the pricing straight forward and transparent with what it includes. For $1,500 per month, here’s what you get for your church:

  • Social Media Scheduling & Design for up to Two Social Media Accounts (Custom graphics designed according to current sermons from your pastor/ministry) that will be posted daily

  • Email Marketing or Text Marketing Sent 2-3 Times Per Week to your Church (Weekly Events, Announcements, Updates)

  • Unlimited Postcards/Flyers/Banners for Every Month and for all ministries within the church

  • Dedicated designer that will meet with you every top of the month and end of the month to go over upcoming month’s strategies, events, ect.

  • Dedicated designer who does top of the week check-ins

We also provide training and coaching to creative teams in your church to bring them to a more organized flow in helping support the vision of your local church. Press the START button from our menu to get in touch with us and get started. We’ve placed some examples of our work below.


Work done: Social Media Automation (FB & IG), Postcards & Banners, Email Marketing (3 times a week), Graphics/Flyers