The Story + The Team

In short, we saw a problem. We believe that great businesses start with a problem or problems that need to be solved. There are many designers and consultants in this world. However, we wanted to target a specific need — helping leaders package their passion into products and platforms. Our mission and vision is to be the creative force behind beautiful products that capture that fire within you and impact people. Our clients needed a one-stop solution for e-books, journals, websites, e-commerce solutions, branding, and more. We became that high-quality solution.

What makes us unique? Our own passion. We are entrepreneurs ourselves outside of this brand. So we know what it’s like to be in need of that creative juice to push that brand to the next level. We know what is is like to have an idea for a product and want to have it created the next day. We help you glam it up, print it up, so you can go out and change the world. Welcome to glamprintgo.


Meet Genesis


Owner + Creative Director + Consultant

Genesis is the founder and creative directer at glamprintgo. She has a passion for people and business. In less than a decade, she has been the secret force behind some of your favorite influencers and business leaders. With a background in graphic + web design along with business development, Genesis has become known as a passionate consultant and coach for helping entrepreneurs build their platforms and reach the masses.

The “Official” Short Bio: Genesis Dorsey is a business coach that helps entrepreneurs build their tribes for ultimate conversion so that they can scale their dreams. She is a serial entrepreneur owning several businesses including being apart of a family legacy of business owners. Genesis has worked with small businesses, pastors, and leaders from all over the world. She is also a passionate faith-based teacher of God’s Word. Genesis is the author & creator of several books and products that cater to helping people become the best God has made them to be. She currently resides in Delaware.



Meet Amanda

Amanda Clark

Logistics & Meetings + Assistant Training

Amanda Clark is a virtual assistant and business strategist. She helps entrepreneurs systematically and effectively grow their businesses behind the scenes. She has a passion for helping women develop a life and business that they love. Amanda has a degree in Communication and Public Relations and a background in business and project management.  

Amanda is the first person you’ll meet and talk to when working with glamprintgo. She handles client onboarding, our Go VIP Experiences, and all GO Atlanta client meetings. Her expertise also includes helping train those who support and help entrepreneurs. She travels the world helping successful leaders have successful support so they can scale their business.



Meet Ziv


Mascot + Low Budget Security

Ziv is the official office mascot and our low budget security for glamprintgo. Unfortunately, he hasn’t been able to apprehend anyone. We think that his height has something to do with it. However, he remains loyal and faithful — as long as he is fed and clothed. His out of the office hobbies include yelling at squirrels, digging imaginary items into holes in the ground, and barking in the midnight hour for no reason whatsoever.